Black Sheep Cafe Revisited


8th May 2010. Written by Xin Li.

When Louis Armstrong’s rendition of the La En Vie Rose was played in the rustic, quaint interior of Black Sheep Café, I knew, this is it. Black Sheep Café will be in my favourites list along with Bistro@Changi.

Black Sheep Cafe - Musician ala Decor

Sometimes food does not have to be sophisticated or classy. Black Sheep Café and Bistro@Changi are my favourites because these are two places where I find immense amount of comfort with a host of friendly staff as well as a place I can relax and enjoy the food.

No pretence, no sophisticated names, just a simple cosy place to have food.

Black Sheep Cafe - Interior

Black Sheep Café is a peaceful place during the day like a coffee shop rooted in the age of the 1950s-1960s with its marble top tables and wooden structure. The tranquillity was occasionally interrupted by prayers of the devout next door from the historical Abdul Gaffoor Mosque.

The Line Up

Located in Little India, away from the crowds of Rochor and Little India Major. Black Sheep Café offers a respite for those who seek some peace while having their meals. On top of that, the slogan “Little Bit of Europe in Little India” is indeed a perfect example of the cultural diversity along Mayo Street, French Cuisine by an Indian chef sitting next to a mosque. It is beautiful.

Today, I enjoyed my day today with my SISPEC pals at Black Sheep Café.

Black Sheep Cafe - Window Wining

The service was good and the waiter tried his best to communicate with us and does his job well even though he might not have good oral command of the English language. The attitude was positive. Chef Ratha who would come and chat with us as well as the other diners make the café a homely place to dine. It is like a dinner party.

Black Sheep Cafe - Gateway

One thing I enjoyed when dining out is when I have to chance to know the people of the restaurant and get along with them so that I would understand them better and it makes the gives the place more warmth.

Today, for a group of five, we ordered the Baked Brie Cheese as well as the Pan-Seared Foie Gras to share.

Black Sheep Cafe - Baked Brie Cheese II

The Baked Brie Cheese, Pistachio Crusted Brie served with Citrus Fruits ($11.00) was different this time around, it was more creamy and the flavour was less intense than the Brie cheese we had during theMOOSE Gathering. Chef Ratha explained that the milder Buerre Blanc was often used for this dish but for the last gathering another kind of Brie Cheese which was more intense and more expensive. My friends enjoyed this dish a lot. Warm, creamy cheese paired with sweet cool citrus fruits was great.

Black Sheep Cafe - Baked Brie Cheese I

Black Sheep Cafe - Pan Seared Foie Gras

Pan Seared Foie Gras paired with Fruit Compotes and Buttered Toast ($22.00) was my first time having a foie gras dish in a dining outlet. The foie gras was good, nicely seared with a slightly crispy layer and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Together with the toast and fruits compote it was quite nice. Despite so, I enjoyed the Brie Cheese more.

Black Sheep Cafe - The Spread

Black Sheep Cafe - Duck Confit II

Having eaten Lamb Shank the last time, this time round, I am set to come back for the Duck Confit with Apple Roesti – Crispy Roasted Confit Leg served with Tangy Mango Relish ($21.00). The taste was just nice, not too salty. Beneath the crispy skin was tender meat that slides off the bone easily. This dish did not disappoint me, it was still as good as the last time I had a bite of it. I really like how the apple roesti, mango relish and the duck meat come together.

Black Sheep Cafe - Duck Confit III

One thing to take note is that the salads (sides) has a sweeter dressing compared to the last one, not that the last one was bad, it means having more flavour.

Black Sheep Cafe - Baked Snapper II

Justin and Terence had the Fish of the Day which is a Baked Snapper with Thyme and Lemon ($21.00). Both of them enjoyed this dish. Justin wiped the whole plate clean. The meat appeared to me as slightly tougher, but still tender. The best fish dish was still the Seabass I had at Seven on Club, maybe it is because it was different kind of fish. Nonetheless, the dish did quite well with Terence describing it as tender, juicy and “Fresh!” (Justin and Terence exclaimed in unison).

Black Sheep Cafe - Baked Snapper I

The meal ended with five people paying a total of $138 (No GST or service charge!). All of us enjoyed the meal, there was no doubt on the good quality of the food but like the previous visit, they said that they weren’t full and we went to NYDC at Bugis for desserts.

What do I think, I will still come back again, as long as I have the money and time. Black Sheep Café is worth coming back for because I enjoyed the food, the hospitality, and the ambience. Furthermore, no GST and service charge also proved to be a strength of Black Sheep Café. What we ate today might have cost a bit or much more compared to L’Olivier, Vis a Vis etc.

A PIece of Hewett

Black Sheep Café have some interesting art works such as a spiral piece which is actually done using paints in a traditional way, the work can be arranged in any orientation and look unique from different perspective. There are also two works by an American artist, David Stanley Hewett which reminds me of Mark Rothko.

One Kahlua Souffle Coming Up!

35 Mayo Street

Tel: +65 9272 1842

Black Sheep Cafe


  1. i haven't tried foie gras before. i hope to get the chance to do so soon!

  2. haha the texture is something worth trying, extremely smooth, creamy with a bit of warm crispy coating as it was pan-seared and imagine this melting in your mouth.

    However once is enough ;), too much is bad for health!



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