Kichn - Blending a Surprisingly Pleasant Storm

17th April 2010
Written by Xin Li and Liang Wei

After the dinner at the Black Sheep Cafe, Yew Ann, Michael, Kok Hui and Vinleon had some pizzas at 15 Minutes Cafe as it was nearby. Not that hungry and I remembered reading about Kichn by Harris , Vanilla & Breakfast and sittingwishingeating.

The service is friendly the waiter that tended to us was knowledgable about the drinks and the attitude was very positive. As it closes around 9 pm, we decided to just take the drink take-away. The ambience was nice too, light, comfy Muji-like furniture with the potted plant that can be found in Shots and K Ki.Similar to K ki, they sell some stuff in their small little kiosk like the Drom Store. I can spot Vietnamese badges.

Unfortunately, the hot favourite Oreo is out of stock (probably sold out). Liang Wei had the craziest of combination (I thought he was kidding haha!). He had the Bandung + Green Tea + Milo and I tried something more conventional, Mango + Milo. The drink is quite thick, if you are going for smoothie, ice blended drink that sort of texture, this is not for you.

Both of our drinks looked the same, brown with milo powder on it. Generally, I realized Kichn drinks tend to look similar if you have chocolate or milo. My drink was rather ordinary, while slightly heavy in texture, it was light in flavour. Milo with a touch of sweet-sour mango. I am satisfied.

For Liang Wei, I was expecting conflicting flavours crashing into each other, but this was not the case, the flavours seemed to rotate about with the milo acting as a base. Overall, I think it was because the drinks were well-blended.

Liang Wei:
“After the dinner, we headed to 15 minutes for some more nosh. Xin Li and I weren't that hungry, so we headed to Kichn at Albert Court to seek the much-raved-about drinks. apparently, the fun/selling point of the drinks is, patrons get to choose to mix flavours of their choices in an ice-blended beverage. crazy me chose to mix green tea, Bandung AND Milo (triple blend, $6.90), while Xin Li kept to a more conventional mix of Mango and (double blend, $5.90). And I was pleasantly surprised by my combination (Xin Li's one was quite forgettable, lol. sorry!), which didn't have any conflicts! As vin put it, the flavours just kept on rotating on the palate. I was amazed!”

Mango + Milo - $5.90
Bandung + Green Tea + Milo - $6.90

180 Albert Street
#01-05 Albert Court Village Hotel

Tel: +65 6333 0015

Opening hours

9am – 9pm
9am – 11pm
(Closed on Sun)

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  1. it's quite cool right, you wouldn't expect the flavours to mix and match, but somehow they do!

  2. to Harris : haha exactly! interesting, must be because they are skillful and they know how to balance the flavours well.

  3. bandung, green tea AND Milo? Sounds like a drink gone wild! :D

  4. to dotinabox: then i must say that wildness has never tasted so delicious :)



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