Muthu Goes Navy

What would it be like if YewAnn is in navy?
Drawn with Photoshop CS4 with Photo Reference.
With all that "The Journal" advertisements going on, how can we not have a wacky,happy looking Muthu Chua as a Naval Specialist here? Speaking of which, like many army advertisements, the guy's a 3 chocolate bar and appear abit "dao" to me.
Therefore, I decided to draw one. I like to see a break away from the serious, "steel", macho portrayal of army personnel so decided to use the comical, smiling face of Yew Ann. Sure enough, YewAnn was very amused when he saw this. It is not the best as I still have the lighting etc to polish on.
If only I got studio or something I would like to see a man in uniform doing the Visa dance.

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