Itacho Sushi @ ION

DATE: 270210
TIME: 1830
ADDRESS: 2 Orchard Turn #B2-18 ION Orchard

Was there for a quick bite before meeting another friend, so just sampled some sushi. There was no queue until around 1845, so you might wanna get your bum in before the queue starts snaking at 1900.

We were greeted by cheery staff (very much expected from a japanese restaurant) and we sat by the counter (which was just a little cram when compared to sushi tei @ tampines one's counter).

The lights and furniture choice provides warmth to the place, making it cosy for a gathering, after-work discussion, or just casual dining. The table area is rather spacious, but the counter (which i was sitting at) is a little cram. The place is rather noisy too.

FOOD: 7/10
As the name of the restaurant suggests, it serves mainly sushi. Very VERY limited selection of other noodle or rice alternatives.

1. Salmon with soy sauce sushi - $0.40(!): 4/5

I suppose this one's baste with soy sauce before flaming it, making it fragrant and still raw inside.
The moment i popped one of this into my mouth, i knew this is THE ONE. The salmon was fresh, and due to the flash cooking, it had a nice texture. Wasn't salty. The perfect charring completed the entire chewing experience, leaving me cramp in my jaw. (from smiling too much) And did i mention the price is promotional? GO. EAT. NOW.

2. Fatty tuna mini rice bowl (forgot the exact name) - $4: 3/5
nothing exceptional.

3. Grilled salmon roe roll (forgot the exact name)- $?: 4/5
As heavenly as the salmon with soy sauce sushi. melts in you mouth. yummy. =P

SERVICE : 6/10
Didn't experience much of the service. Still, it's rather prompt.

VALUE: 7/10
This restaurant gives me an impression that it's trying to bring quality food at affordable prices. Most of the items are a little more than reasonably priced (which would be considered premium items on other restaurant's menu), with a few premium items which are REALLY expensive. And the sushi doesn't come in pairs or more (just singles), so you can try as wide a variety in one sitting as you like.

OVERALL : 7/10
The entire 'quicky' was a pleasant one, with surprising prices and impressive quality.

The place is suitable for :
- Gatherings
- Chill out

Vin felt Fortunate and alive at the end of his meal
and would visit this place again.


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