Zhou's Kitchen at Square 2


10 Sinaran Drive #01-73 Novena Square 2

The quite packed and the waiters seem to have some problems maneuvering around the restaurant, same goes for the patrons. The restaurant adopted a contemporary Chinese decor, with green bamboo sticks, quaint looking Chinese wooden carvings and kitchen utensils adorning the interior of the restaurant. As it was Chinese New Year eve, the place is really packed and cramped.

FOOD: 6/10

Serves Pork and Alcohol.

The menu we had was the Qi Xing Gao Zhao Banquet package. Personally, I do not like the combination of the dishes in this menu because the dishes are simply too heavy on the taste buds. It was extremely rich, thick and heavy without anything light to clear the palate. It consists of seven items:

QI XING GAO ZHAO YAN MENU : $188++ for 6 pax.

1. Feng Shou Yu Sheng
Bountiful Harvest Salmon "Yu-Sheng": 2.5/5
What I like about the this dish is the tint of sourness and freshness brought about by the addition of lime juice. What I don't like is its overwhelming sweetness. The sauce is also too thick, it overpowers the contents of this dish including the yusheng.

2. Sheng Yi Xing Wan
"Tan Jia" Style Braised Shredded Fish Maw Soup : 3/5
I normally look forward to the soups of Zhou's Kitchen. This soup was average. Nothing impressive.

3. Cai Yuan Gun Gun
Deep-fried Coriander Ball and Hokkien Meat Roll : 3/5
Average. Nothing great about it.

4. Heng Cai Jiu Shou
Zhou's Kitchen Braised Pork Shank with Black Moss : 3.5/5
This dish was quite good. The meat is rather tender and the together with the sauce it was very tasty. The accompanying Fa cai was great too.

5. Feng Tiao Yu Shun
Braised Marble Goby with Fried Garlic : 3/5
This fish dish was quite okay.

6. Fu Ru Dong Hai
Fried E-Fu Noodle with Golden Mushroom : 4/5
I enjoyed this noodles alot, the sauce was tasty and the noodle were quite well-made but still not as smooth as the one in Mayim. The taste of this noodles is its strength.

7. Hong Yun Tuan Yuan
Sweetened Red Bean Cream with Glutinous Dumpling : 3/5
I hope it would be something light or chilled to clear the palate after such a heavy tasting meal. But this thick, rich dessert continues to overpower my tastebuds. However, the taste is rather okay, I like how it is not too sweet and there is generous amount of red bean in it. The glutinous dumpling is just normal, tasted like those supermarket ones.

SERVICE : 7/10
Service is alright, althought the staff seemed to be working under alot of pressure with the CNY buzz, they still managed to keep a friendly attitude when they are tending to us. However, the empty plate of Braised Marble Goby took quite while for them to clear.

VALUE: 6/10
I would expect the food to be abit better with its price tag. The ala carte dishes are quite pricey. They also offer High Tea Buffets at a affordable price.

OVERALL : 6/10
The restaurant is not impressive, just average. The service are rather okay, food is satisfactory except for a few items such as their Qing Tangs (Clear soups), Braised Pork and E-fu noodles.

The place is suitable for :
- Large Gatherings
- Family Meals
- Lunch
- High Tea
- Dinner

Xin Li Felt So-so at the end of his meal
and would probably visit the place again.


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