Amirah's Grill @ Bussorah Street

ADDRESS: 14 Bussorah Street S'pore 199435

When I first entered the restaurant, I felt that the place is quite cramped. The interior was decorated with many ornaments, replicas of Egyptian influence such as statues of ancient Egyptian deities and pharaohs. The whole place has a quaint, rustic Middle Eastern feel to it.

They also have another branch at Pahang St. which has a private room with a informal setting for private functions. The place was decorated with Middle Eastern lamps, cushions, carpets etc.

FOOD: 7/10


1. Lebanese Hummus - $6.00: 3/5
This is kind of interesting, they provide traditional Arab bread and you use and dip it into the hummus, a kind of dip made of chickpea puree with sesame sauce and lemon juice . The pita bread that came with it reminds me of Italian foccacia bread. The dry, fluffy pita bread can be dipped into or spreaded with the hummus. The dip gives a refreshing, fragrant, herbal taste with a tint of sourness together with the bread.

2. Turkish Chicken Kebab - $14.90: 3.5/5
My friend had this dish. The roast potatoes that came with it was quite good, it was well marinated with herbs and the flavours was infused into the potatoes. The kebab meat was very tender. He commented that it tasted like satay though. However, after trying it, I felt the urge to have more it, the tender chicken meat was drained in its sweet and sour marinade, the spice added into the sauce most notably cumin) jazzed up the flavours.

3. Black Pepper Fish Fillet - $12.50: 3/5
The fish is quite fresh. The sauce is abit thick and with the black pepper, spicy. The dish tasted normal or above average. It didn't leave a great impression for me.

SERVICE : 6/10
The service is average, the staff are quite friendly. The lady whom we had a discussion with was polite and friendly. She was nice enough to teach us how to eat the bread with hummus.

VALUE: 7/10
The place also offers $9.90 lunch buffets with about 9-12 items and a $25 set meal consisting of a soup, Pita & Garlic Bread with Lebanese Hummus and Moutabel Dips + any choice of Main course except for King Butter Prawns and a drink of your choice plus dessert. Judging from the food portion, their meals are actually quite worth it. We were more than full with the hummus and our own main course.

OVERALL : 7/10
We were looking for something exotic and this place definitely fits the criteria with its Middle Eastern fare, Shisha and Middle Eastern interior decoration. The food is okay and generous but it doesn't have the hmmmm factor that brings you to Nirvana. Nonetheless, this is quite a nice place to try out.

The place is suitable for :
- Large Gatherings
- Dinner
- Lunch
- Family

Xin Li Felt Good at the end of his meal
and will definitely visit the place again.


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