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Nadaman closes for renovation beginning this month till the end first quarter 2017.

Nadaman at Shangri-la Hotel is one of my favourite places to go and have a kaiseki meal if I have a windfall, miss Kyoto and a special occasion to celebrate. I was fortunate enough to have a 100 dollar voucher to use at Shangri-la hotel earlier this year and decided to treat a friend of mine to a lunch-time kaiseki meal at Nadaman.

While there are places to have kaiseki in Singapore like Pan-Pacific’s Keyaki , I find Nadaman’s $65 kaiseki to be one of the more affordable ones and also provides a nice environment as well as taste of what a kaiseki meal is like : the dishes being served in a sequence, the tableware used, the exquisiteness of both the food and the presentation....

Nadaman serves Kyoto-style or Kansai-style cuisine and is more classical in its approach. The hiru kaiseki begins with a hassun using ingredients that informs us about the season (in Japan). Then there is a course of fresh sashimi, a soup with a meatball like ingredient in light broth, a lidded dish with prawns in a sweet, savoury glaze, a pan-fried dish of vegetables and chunks of yellowtail and finally rice with pickles and a rich red miso soup. The kaiseki meal ended with an uncharacteristic milk pudding.

It was a succession of colours, textures, flavours, a cross section of different methods of cooking in the Japanese cookbook, each telling a story of the season….kaiseki is like reading a culinary storybook rather than just a meal.  The conversation with a fellow diner plays out as we appreciate and admire the food and presentation. It was a good meal and for a moment, my friend and I relived our memories at Roan Kikunoi more than 4 years ago.

22 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258350
Shangri-La Hotel


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