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Olivia and Co. is a travel themed eatery located in Suntec, operated by the same group that runs OCF (Olivia Cassivelaun Fancourt), the team has worked hard to put together a variety of food items on to give diners a chance to travel the world on their menu.

However, not just their menu is worth checking out, little touches like the chairs with different fabrics and the centerpiece: a Vespa motorcycle at the entrance to the dining area. It becomes especially amusing when travel fairs are held next to the eatery in the tower’s atrium.

Back to the makan and the lim zui (food & drinks), the journey at Olivia & Co. does not simply cover food, they are stocking a range of craft beers from different countries for a start and they also take pride in their in-house drinks like milkshakes and fresh juice mixes such as the Protein Punch I had, a concoction of coconut, mango, coconut oil, vanilla protein, pea protein, roasted coconut and linseed.

On to the main event: the food, the star starters were the wings. I enjoyed the Tokyo Wings in particular for the sweet teriyaki sauce paired with crispy wings: a sure-win combination and a really good partner with their StrangeLove Blood Orange and Chilli Soda Pop (7.00++ SGD)

For main courses, Olivia and Co has a selection of burgers and sandwiches. However, my pick goes to the really generous and tasty Quayside Soft-Shell Crab Burger (23.00++ SGD). Loved the combination of crispy soft-shell crab burger and the fragrant buttered brioche, would like a little bit more of the jalapeno mayonnaise though.

There are also the classic main courses like pastas and meats. We had the chance to try the Spring Chicken (14.00++ SGD) which was decent. What fascinates me however is the use of wasabi parmesan potato mash, which imparts a nice spicy element to the dish and works quite like Dijon or the classic mustard for meats but seldom in a mash form.

Lastly and really amazingly, I think the stars at Olivia and Co…..are the desserts which left a good impression like having a good trip. Specifically, the waffles and the pancakes, they are very well done: fluffy waffles and pancakes with just the right amount of crispiness at the edges paired with really really good ice cream.

The Olivia Sticky Date Pancakes (12.00++ SGD) was a rich, indulgent peanut fantasy: four stacks of pancakes with warm caramel peanut butter sauce and paired with (what else!?) sliced bananas. A classic combination that is sure to please peanut butter fans. Oh, top that with a scoop of really good ice cream too!

We also had the special of the week which changes from time to time, Matcha Waffle with Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream (15.00++SGD), an amusing combination but worked pretty well. I like the touch of keropok and azuki paste added. The seemingly eclectic combination of ingredients complement each other quite nicely : bitterness from the matcha paired with the sweetness of the Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream, azuki with matcha and also the fragrance from the Thai Milk Tea…

There are certainly some items that I have left out here because I think they could have been better or didn’t left much of an impression such as the Cheeses or the spicy wings which is not as addictive as the Tokyo Wings, thus as with most eateries, Olivia & Co has its hits and misses…..not too different from a trip overseas. And like a trip overseas, the price point is a little on the steep side countrywide, but in the context of Marina Square, Suntec and Millenia Walk, it is comparable with Kith Café, G Patisserie and Red Pan.

3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall, #01-481/481A/483/483A
Singapore 038983
(Between Towers 1 & 2)

Thank You Food News and Olivia & Co. for the invitation and hospitality!


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