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This looks expensive.
Along Kheong Saik Road, I would have thought this would be around the 30-40 range.

999.99 Five Nines, a restaurant opened last year is on a mission to overturn that perception of fine dining in a prime area = pricey affair. 999.99 Five Nines is a relatively young restaurant headed by Chef Masanao Saito [斉藤 正直] serving European Cuisine along Kheong Saik Road. The chef was formerly the chef for the Japanese ambassador to Sweden. 

Surprisingly, the food here, for its quality are only within the range of 10 - 30 SGD before tax which is relatively cheaper than some of its competitors along the same street.

Our dinner started off with a Burrata with Tomato Salad (12.00++ SGD), a refreshing, tangy starter. Juicy tomatoes paired with creamy burrata cheese and garnished with a dash of olive oil. Loved the addition of citrus fruits to lift the flavours of the dish. The jelly bits are cubes of tomato jelly.

Then we had a Cured Salmon & Ikura (10.00++ SGD), a signature of the restaurant. It doesn't disappoint. We also realized the chef seemed to have a thing for tomatoes and tomato jelly. Worked pretty well though, the combination of the juicy, tangy tomatoes well pretty well with the succulent and fatty salmon.

The Lobster Gratin (29.00++ SGD) was very good. The bechamel sauce was just nice, and the surface has a delicate and crispy layer of melted cheese and lobster flesh was just right. If you are lucky, the Lobster Gratin is 19.00++ SGD for the first 20 orders of the day.

King Crab Croquettes ($13). The crust was amazing, it has the texture and layers that reminded me of the tonkatsu crust in Katsukura. I am not a fan of croquettes though. Nonetheless, great layered crust that packs a rich filling of crab and cream.

This was decent. The Grilled Swordfish & Spring Onion (16.00++ SGD) was enjoyable but a little salty. I thought the flesh was just right though some of my fellow diners found it on the tough side.

One of the most dramatic dishes for the night would be the Smoky Lamb & Eggplant (22.00++ SGD) served in a glass jar filled with fumes from apple and cherry blossom wood chips. A dinner spectacle to excite your senses. Fortunately, it does not end there, the lamb meat was very tender and juicy. The lamb flavour is slightly heavy and the smoke infusion is inconsistent. Certain parts of the meat tasted just of smoke other parts was just right. I liked the pairing with eggplant for this dish.

This is the most pricey dish on the menu : Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras ($29). Personally, I thought it was just okay, the meat was decent but that's it, I don't find the foie gras particularly 'useful' in this dish. It would not be the my number one choice for a main course.

Tiramisu (8.00++ SGD) is a must try. I would pick this over the Peach Melba (9.00++ SGD). The classic dessert was very well executed, the ratio of cocoa, espresso, mascarpone and liquor was just right.

The restaurant seemed rather popular. It is busy even on weekday dinners. It is unsurprising though. The food was pretty good, and for its location and quality, the prices are reasonable. Their 5-Course dinners goes for 59++ SGD.

29 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089136

Thank You Matthias and Ivy from Food News for the invitation and hospitality.


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