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 I was on the way back when I am transiting at Botanical Gardens MRT Station. Decided to drop by the Coronation Arcade area for dinner and found this Penang cuisine eatery. Decided to drop by for some char kway teow that I miss so much from my travels to Penang some time ago.

Penang Char Kway Teow | 8.30+ SGD | So-so
The char kway teow was bland, it lacks the wok-hei flavour and the prawns were not springy or succulent as I would have loved it to be. Penang Cuisine would cost a premium in Singapore but I felt that the char kway teow fails to deliver.

Had a glass of Penang Coffee (3.20 - 3.80+ SGD). Thought it was ordinary as well. Hopefully they have other dishes that are more memorable and impressive.

Penang Kitchen
5 Coronation Road
#01-05 Coronation Arcade
Singapore 437066


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