redpan | When DP Architects Meets the Food Explorers

is a cafe and collaboration between DP Architects and The Food Explorers who gave us GRUB opened on the 9th of March. Also, it was a project I was involved in for a while.

The name was coined by Angelene Chan (left), who took over the reins as the CEO of DP this year. In this photo, she is with Amanda Phan from the Food Explorers.

I did the illustrations for the menu. Having played a small role in the project, you get to witnessed quite a lot of work behind the scenes. This menu including the food has been through many iterations.

The cafe has engaged many parties, including Dulcet & Studio which supplies the popular cream puffs and matcha roll cakes that you can find at redpan alongside the in-house desserts by the Food Explorers.

I personally enjoy the Prawn & Hae Bi Hiam Pasta (15.00++ SGD) : Tagliatelle tossed with housemade spicy shrimp paste, sakura ebi and sauteed prawns. Even though I can't take food that are too spicy, but this is just too shiok to miss! It has got the kick, it is savoury, the prawns were of a decent size and the pasta was just nice.

It is a pity the grill isn't ready while I was there. Hence, we had the Steak & Chincalok (21.00++ SGD) : 200g grilled sirloin steak with housemade spicy chinchalok, pickled onions and smashed potatoes. Loved the touch of the garnish of pea leaves which lends a fruity like flavour to the chincalok and accentuates the sweetness. This is pretty good, although the steak is a little bit inconsistent here and there.

We ended our meal with some coffee. A friend of mine requested for a special order of an affogato.

6, Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square
Singapore 039594


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