Mellben Legend Seafood at Serangoon

5th September 2015.
Dating back to 1979, Melben Seafood was once a stall in Alexandra before becoming a seafood chain with more than 4 outlets including Melben Ang Mo Kio and Melben Toa Payoh. Spotting an outlet at Serangoon during a graduation shoot, our family decided to have dinner there.

In short, the food here is relatively expensive compared to other tze char places and the food leaves much to be desired. We had the usual tze-char classics like the French Beans (Big),

The Pork Ribs (Small) | So-so
Pork Ribs was just okay, we definitely had better elsewhere.

Coffee Chicken | Had better elsewhere.
Quite a number of bones covered in gravy rather than meat. The meat itself lacks the coffee flavour and it has slightly burnt bitter after-taste.

Signature Tofu | Good.
Loved the addition of chye poh, something slightly different and very tasty.

White Pepper Crab | Decent.
Priced at $65 per kg, the crabs at Melben Seafood is considered expensive to us as we had crabs at cheaper prices before. Nonetheless, perhaps like Jumbo, Melben is a premium brand for crabs so we went ahead. The white pepper crab resembled crabs in bak kuh teh sauce. It was not bad, and sort of a saving grace for the lacklustre meal but not enough to convince us for a revisit in the future.

Hopefully the other outlets in Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh are better. The total cost for the whole family of 8 including 2 kids but only 7 eating cost about 170 SGD. For an occasion celebrating both graduation and my first proper paycheck, I thought the meal was a disappointment.

Mellben Legend Seafood (Serangoon)

9 Opal Crescent
Singapore 328404


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