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31st May 2015.
Full of Crab is located in the food haven of Joo Chiat, with plenty of competition abound, what does this restaurant specializing in seafood has to offer? The seafood at Full of Crab is pricey. Manila Clams for example, cost about 32 SGD for 500g, making it the least worthwhile item on the menu. Nonetheless, the restaurant has a nice ambience for gatherings, air-conditioned environment and a no-judgment zone for messy eating.

The meal started off with some Fish Line Sticks which you could purchase for 10SGD a cylinder to bring home. It is quite an addictive snack.

Fish & Chips | Flesh too Soft, Otherwise Decent.
We also had the Fish & Chips which was pretty decent with the nicely done crust etc. However the let-down was the overly soft flesh, a firmer fish fillet would have been better. We chose two dips : The Tsunami and the classic Tartar (they don't have Malt Vinegar here). The Tsunami is just extremely spicy, more of something that one would get for dare (but this is just my personal opinion) and I felt that the Tartar is still the safest choice to go with the Fish & Chips.

 Cajun Wings | Excellent.
Then there was the Cajun Wings which was really good but my dining partner felt that the seasoning was too strong given that the meat seemed to have been prepared with brine and has an inherent saltiness within. We used the lemon juice from the Fish and Chips on the Cajun Wings which helps cut through the overpowering seasoning. Otherwise, the flesh was just nice, the skin was crispy just that the seasoning could use some tweaking.

Sri Lanka Crab & Shrimps | Good.
The star of the meal: the Sri Lanka Crab and arguably most expensive item on the combo meal managed to deliver. It was fresh and the Fully Loaded seasoning which has plenty of oil went very well with the seafood mix of Sri Lanka Crab and shrimps. It is also a delight to scoop up the Fully Loaded mix of garlic, paprika and chili oil mix with the bread provided.

 Full of Crab may be expensive but it does have its merits in the quality of food served. I hope the comments given for the Cajun Wings and Fish & Chips would be taken into consideration and on a good occasion, it is a rather nice place to head to for a gathering with a communal meal of seafood and iced lemon tea to escape the tropical heat outside.

Full of Crab
195 East Coast Road
Singapore 428900

Thank You Eldric for the invitation!


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