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Currently still in my fascination with the Tanglin Halt area for good food, The Milky Way is an ice-cream cafe opened by Campus Superstar finalist, Renfred Ng. Star power aside, we were delighted to find this nice and quiet place (perfect for long hours of conversation) on a hot weekday afternoon for a nice serving of ice-cream. 

The cafe itself was very airy and warm, with the woods giving it a nice cosy feel. They offer about 10-12 ice-cream flavours, and having been here previously (and having tried almost all the flavours), their offerings are definitely above average for gelato. Flavours include sea salt caramel, earl grey, pistachio, and even a bright blue Smurf ice-cream which tasted like Paddle Pop ice-cream. From time to time, they change flavours, including flavours like bandung ice-cream.

Had to take a photo of the #magnificentmagnus. He had hazelnut and pistachio people #magnusapproved

Ice-cream costs about $3.80 for a single scoop of regular ice-cream, and $4.50 for "premium" flavours. Prices are on the more expensive, premium side, but hey, I guess it's reasonable for a cafe these days. They are cheaper ($3 per scoop) if you get it with a half-waffle, which, in my humble opinion, they have nailed. They got the balance of sweet and eggy, and had a good crisp exterior that didn't turn soggy after having ice-cream on top for 5-minutes. However, I do think they are pretty expensive (especially when it's only a half-waffle) for the portion and price. But because of the taste, I still succumb to temptation everytime — mainly because I try to compensate this splurge with the cheap tze char at Guan Kim restaurant a few doors down. 

Flowery. I like. Pity about the small portions of the waffles though. 

For that occasion, I tried the Triple Chocolate and Sea-Salt Caramel. The former was very smooth and luxuriously rich-tasting, but not cloyingly sweet. Neither did it taste like it was flavoured by some dubious combination of chocolate sauce/flavourings/cocoa powder. A definite must-try for chocolate lovers. The latter, of which I had tried on my previous time here, was on the sweeter end of the salty-sweet flavour spectrum that you have come to expect with this flavour. It was pleasant when you coupled it with the not-too-sweet waffle.

You can feel the "Sicilian" sun through our smiles! Having the sicilian pistachio with cute cute Jiemin. 

We also tried the Sicilian Pistachio (although I couldn't taste anything remotely "sicilian" about it), and it had a strong burst of nutty flavour on top of the layered, carefully balanced sweetness. It's a great choice if you couple it with a very sweet/rich flavour (like Triple Chocolate or Smurfs). 

In all, The Milky Way is a fairly good, quiet and nice place to hangout if you want a nice cup of handmade ice-cream in the Tanglin Halt neighbourhood. Go and discover this hidden gem before it gets too crowded. 

The Milky Way
Blk 48 Tanglin Halt Road
Singapore 142048

Closest MRT: Commonwealth (5-10 mins walk)

Opening Hours
Sun to Thurs: 12.00PM to 10.00PM
Fri and Sat: 12.00PM to 11.00PM
Closed on Wednesdays
Open on Public Holidays


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