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31st October 2014.
Rocovo Restaurant is a coffeeshop located near United Square, it has been there since my secondary school days. Strangely though, I have not eaten there until recently. There are a couple of stalls but in the evening only Chye Kee Roast Chicken Rice and the drinks stall remained open.

It is a modest coffeeshop but great for people watching and a number of people clearly enjoy the laid back atmosphere at Rocovo, savouring their dinner while watching the telly. I had a plate of Roasted Chicken Rice (3.00 SGD) from Chye Kee. The portion isn’t big and the meat wasn’t fantastic either. However, the rice was really fragrant and thoroughly soaked with the flavours from the stock used for cooking it.

Kopi cost 90 cents a glass here but it was disappointingly diluted. What kept the stalls at Rocovo Restaurant going for at least 15 years? Perhaps it is the atmosphere, the affordable food and the rather friendly people who have been running it.

Rocovo Restaurant
Goldhill Centre
151 Thomson Road 
Singapore 307606


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