Sing Hon Loong | 新丰隆面包厂

10th October 2014.
Sing Hon Loong is located along Whampoa Drive, where a lone row of shophouses now sits next to an empty field where a building used to stand. Balestier-Whampoa area have at least two such bakeries, one is the Sweetlands Bakery located at Kin Keat Road and the other is Sing Hon Loong which has an interesting fluid treatment of spaces. 

In the mornings, the baking areas and some of the racks used for airing and cooling the bread turns into display racks in the afternoon for curious passer-by to browse through their products which include the familiar buns with cheese and sugar, the buns with butter and sugar packed in fours, western-style bread like baguette as well as the traditional loaf which needs no introduction. 

From what I gathered, Sing Hon Loong supplies bread to Ya Kun Kaya Toast as well and that the challenges for its future are how to pass down the business and the difficulties in finding people willing to learn the trade.

I got a couple of western-style bread rolls home and my mum loves to eat it with coffee which I had it for breakfast. The buns were soft and chewy on the inside with a firm and brittle crust. Good for people with dentures like my mum and dad as the usual western style baguette or bread rolls tends to be too tough to bite.

Next door is Hor Yit Meng Trading Co. which supplies mah-jong sets and run by Madam Rita Ho. She shared that the best mah-jong sets are from Hong Kong and she used to be at the former Bugis Street Market where Bugis Junction now stands. The shophouses have been demolished, and in its place are replicas of those shophouses which people were led to believe that they were the originals.

Sing Hon Loong 
4 Whampoa Drive
 Singapore 327715


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