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24th October 2014.
Recommended by my friend, Koryo has been on my list to Korean restaurants to try out since it is just located one stop away from my school. The Korean restaurant located in Fusionopolis was decorated with repetitions of hangul and hanja writings (otherwise known as Korean mixed script) around the walls of the interior.

I was glad to see Sundubu Jjigae (8.50 SGD, Small) on the menu, as it is one of my favourite dishes along with Chuncheon-style Dakgalbi when I was in South Korea for exchange. Unfortunately, my expectation exceeded the reality. The Soft Tofu Stew here is a let-down. While the stew itself has the fiery spiciness of the ones I had in South Korea, it lacked the depth in flavours or rather the details. For a start, the tofu was a firm, egg tofu rather than the soft uncurdled tofu that ought to be the main feature of this dish. Secondly, there aren’t any white clams used in this sundubu jjigae which would have given it a mild sweetness, although they did use a couple of tiny prawns.

As expected of a Korean restaurant, they do serve banchan (side-dishes) here and my friend had the Beef Bulgogi Stew (9.50 SGD) but nothing was memorable. 

We had coffee at Black Canyon Coffee, a Thailand-based cafe chain located on the same floor. I last visited this place when I was year 1 in architecture. The cafe has worn down quite a lot since.

Koryo Restaurant
1 Fusionopolis Way
Singapore 138632


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