Bowls of Ramen I

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi (らあめん花月嵐
Ramen Kagetsu Arashi (らあめん花月嵐) is a ramen chain based in Japan under the Globeat Japan Inc. The ramen shop, one of the three under Globeat Japan Inc. has its humble beginnings in the Suginami-ku district in Tokyo,1992. Since then, it has expanded beyond Tokyo to countries like Taiwan and the United States and finally to Singapore. 

The most popular and signature ramen by Ramen Kagetsu Arashi is their Arashi Genkotsu Ramen (12.90++ SGD) which is a ramen with a garlic and pork bone base for the soup and served with bamboo shoots, char siu, seaweed, hard-boiled egg and scallions. The soup itself was quite heavy in taste, oily and has a distinct spice flavour that reminded me of Chinese 5-spice powder. Moreover, the noodles were slightly overcooked and the char siew felt dry and breaks apart easily.

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi
#01-41, The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green

or various outlets in Singapore.

Ramen Bari Uma (ばり馬のらーめん)
Ramen Bari Uma (ばり馬のらーめん) is one ramen chain that I have been eager to try ever since Vin was raving about it long long time ago. They have a couple of branches nowadays including one at Novena instead of their lone outlet at Tanglin (not to be confused with Uma Uma at the Forum).

Ramen Bari Uma is a Wakayama-style Ramen chain established in Hiroshima, May 2003 under the WithLink Group. Ramen Bari Uma’s soup base of pork bones, tamari (a richer,thicker and less salty soy sauce made with higher concentration of soy beans), chicken bones and vegetables is supposedly thicker and richer and the feature of Bari Uma. Apparently, the soup is prepared in Japan then shipped to around the country and overseas in concentrated extracts to maintain a uniform flavour among the outlets.

One thing I like about Ramen Bari Uma is that they give you the choice to order a down-sized version of the ramen including the signature Ajitama-Uma Ramen (15.00++ SGD for regular serving) which comes with the classic ramen toppings of a ajitsuke tamago, bamboo shoots, scallions and cha shu.

The cut of cha shu at Bari Uma is comparatively thicker than what I had elsewhere and slightly fatty but tender and slightly juicy. The bamboo shoots were crunchy and the eggs were perfect with its molten yolk. Noodles were decent and the soup was quite rich and a little salty. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed my bowl of Ajitama Uma Ramen.

With more and more ramen shops popping up around Singapore, we are definitely spoiled for choice in a good way. I think like coffee and food in general, ramen is a personal thing, I prefer the hakata style of ramen with its thick milky tonkotsu broth.

Ramen Bari-Uma
19 Tanglin Road, #B1-01/02 
Tanglin Shopping Centre, 
Singapore 247909


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