Osaka : Kaneyoshi Ryokan | かねよし旅館

17th - 18th July 2013.
Osaka, Japan.
I spent my last night in my July trip to Japan at a modern ryokan located along the famous Dotonbori Canal. It always amazes me how a concrete building houses rooms with traditional tatami mats and at the same time, it comes with a pre-fab modern toilet unit with all the button-operated functions attached to it.

I booked a room through Japanican for 7350 JPY which came with a lavish Japanese breakfast. The rooms itself is a quiet haven in contrast to the loud and colourful Dotonbori outside. My room also have a balcony facing the canal which is awesome for relaxing and having Japanese green tea or Japanese-style coffee to spend your afternoon.

Towards the evening, Dotonbori is a high-energy place, filled with colours, loud advertisements, fascinating murals and plenty of tourists. It is a whole different atmosphere compared to Kyoto or Matsumoto. Nonetheless, there is beauty in this cacophony of multi-sensory stimulations happening all around Dotonbori like a momentary encounter with a quiet alley or a historic café that rivals Inoda of Kyoto.

Kaneyoshi Ryokan amazes me most on the level of service. The owner is a friendly man with limited English but always trying his best to help me including finding me a box to put my souvenirs in for checking in after I accidentally got it drenched and rendered unusable. The waitress at the breakfast room was just as sweet.

Speaking of breakfast, it was a lavish affair and the most memorable part of the breakfast was the sweet and juicy slice of melon that very nicely completes my pleasant stay at Kaneyoshi Ryokan. 

It is an old modern ryokan but the atmosphere, service as well as great location for exploring Namba and Dotonbori makes it a choice accommodation if you plan to visit Osaka. If you are using the JR pass, the nearest station will be JR Nanba, otherwise subway users would be glad to find both Nipponbashi and Osaka Nanba Stations in close proximity.

Kaneyoshi Ryokan


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