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2nd February 2014.
I was skeptic about Sinpopo. The blatant “nostalgia” theme throughout the whole eatery is a big red flag for all visuals and only bad overpriced food eatery. It made me remember the lackluster experience at another nostalgia-themed eatery at Thomson.

Fortunately, uneasy (and uncomfortable) I was about application of nostalgia at Sinpopo, the food was surprisingly decent and slightly cheaper than the eatery in Thomson.

I had the Lo Gai Yik (8.90 SGD), a supposedly rare Cantonese stew with tau pok, pork belly and chicken. Both the pork and chicken were tender and the stew was sweet and salty. It goes rather well with the rice.

My friends tried the Scissors Cut Rice (8.90 SGD). Both Mu Yao and Calvin thought it was quite decent, the gravy was above average but the pork cutlet that came with it was just normal.

Mu Yao had the Chicken Curry Rice (8.90 SGD). Our overall verdict for Sinpopo was decent food (not gastronomy decent but rather home-cooked food decent, like the dishes mum prepares at home.) Beyond the food, it is definitely not a place for a good chit chat, the acoustics is horrible (although it’s the kind of music I enjoy) and the seating makes it back-breaking to sit through a meal, but I guess that’s part of the nostalgia theme at Sinpopo.

If you go along with the nostalgia theme (it’s a themed restaurant and went all out with it) and looking for a quick bite that reminds you of food prepared at home or coffeeshop (with a slight premium), then Sinpopo is there for you.

Sinpopo Brand
458 Joo Chiat Road
 Singapore 427671


  1. Like you mentioned, this place will be a favorite for those nostalgia-alike!

    1. haha yeap, in Katong some more! but they could used better seats ;)


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