Hakodate | Lucky Pierrot (ラッキーピエロ)

9th July 2013.
Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan.
When I was in Hakodate, my mum and I spotted the “Lucky Pierrot”, western style restaurant known for their hamburgers. I vaguely remember reading about it on for the love of...calories and weighing scales hence I asked the tour guide about it. Turns out that the Lucky Pierrot (ラッキーピエロ) is a hamburger chain established in 2000 and only found in Hakodate and it is apparently the no.1 local burger chain in Japan. Our tour guide was raving about it too. The burger chain's logo features a clown and according to their website, the inspiration for the name came from the owner's childhood experience with a visiting circus.

Therefore, after a quick visit to the Hakodate Tower, my mum and I headed straight to Lucky Pierrot. The interior was kind of whimsical to me for a fast food chain, and it reminded me of Ma Maison in Singapore. My mum and I got ourselves a Chinese Chicken Burger (チャイニーズチキンバーガー, 350 Yen) which is their best seller. According to the website, Chinese cuisine was one of major source of influence for the food at Lucky Pierrot.

Imagine a really good sweet and sour chicken with mayonnaise, lettuce held together within a fragrant, freshly toasted sesame bun. This is the Chinese Chicken Burger or Chainīzuchikinbāgā, the chicken, marinated with a sweet tangy sauce was crispy on the outside and the flesh was tender and juicy. I don’t have any photographs of it because both my mum and I were sort of engrossed with this yummy burger than we forgot to take photographs of it (so you have to make do with the drawing above). If there is a flaw with the burger, it would be the oiliness of it. Our tour guide told us the beef version is even better. Perhaps next time?

Lucky Pierrot
Various Lcoations in Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan.


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