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29th October 2013.
My mum and aunts likes to visit the Bao Gong XO Fish Head Bee Hoon (包公XO鱼头米粉) for their end of the week dinners after all the hard work in the canteen. Besides specializing in Bee Hoon with fish slices, it is also a tze-char restaurant with the usual classics such as Sweet and Sour Pork and San Lao Hor Fun.

I tried their signature XO Sliced Fish Bee Hoon (XO 鱼片米粉汤) but I was thoroughly unimpressed. While the soup was not bad, I thought the “XO” is just gimmicky and doesn’t quite make it any better than a normal bowl of Sliced Fish Bee Hoon. So save that extra money and treat yourself to the other dishes that Bao Gong is better in.

A couple of their tze-char dishes are pretty good. For a start, their San Lao Hor Fun (三捞河粉) was tasty with a mild smoky aroma.

Then there is the Fried Cereal Eggplant (麦片茄子) which is like a vegetable version of the Cereal Prawns. Priced at 10 SGD for a small serving, this is one of the more expensive dishes on the menu and it was quite delicious actually. Then again, I think fried stuff and cereals can’t go wrong.

One of the dishes to avoid here (besides the over-rated XO Fish Bee Hoon) is their Seafood Ee Noodles (海鲜伊面). This dish just lacked flavour and was visually unappetizing.

Baogong XO Fish Head Bee Hoon
Blk 713 Clementi West Street 2
Singapore 120713


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