SoHo Coffee | Don't Stir Your Cappuccino! [Closed]

22nd October 2013.
Just a few days ago, I learnt a new lesson on coffee.

Avoid stirring your cappuccinos or lattes...Those coffees are not like your Nanyang-style coffee and I was quite embarrassed of committing such a mistake. It is like mixing your wasabi and soy sauce or dipping sashimi into hot water, you are basically showing disrespect for the person who prepared them.

From what I learnt from Peter Ow of SoHo Coffee, ordering cappuccino is a good way to test the café's coffee and the barista’s skill because unlike a latte, the milk doesn’t overwhelm the aroma of the coffee and the a certain level of skill and precision is required to get the ratio and layering right for a cup of cappuccino. Glad to learn something new at SoHo Coffee. I quite enjoy their cappuccino, it begun with a delicate layer of milk foam and slowly builds up to a robust, mocha-like ending, in short, a balanced cup of coffee.

It is not just the coffee that I enjoyed at the SoHo Coffee, I really liked the ambiance here which is very cosy and comfortable like being in your own living room. The Matcha Latte here is decent too, while it is admittedly milky, the matcha still has its fragrance, a stark difference from those chemical or syrup tasting ones.

The Carrot Cake is worth a try too. I would love to go back some day to try one of their pastas such as the Chili Crab Linguine or their Butternut Squash Soup.

36 Armenian St, #01-08
Located along Loke Yew Street
Singapore 179934


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