Sapporo | Sushi Zanmai (すしざんまい)

5th July 2013.
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
Here in Singapore, we have Itacho Sushi, but in Japan, there is Sushi Zanmai where you can get sushi at an affordable price. Sushi Zanmai’s outlet in Sapporo is located in Susukino, near the Nikka Building and the station itself.

Here are Sushi Zanmai you could order just about any kind of sushi from the usual classics like tuna, mackerel, sweet prawn and scallop to more exotic items like squilla and abalone nigiri sushi.

It is my first time trying Squilla also known as shako in Japanese. It is a kind of mantis shrimp and tasted really good, like a meatier version of the ebi and comes served with some sweet sauce drizzled on it.

Along with the squilla, we also had an assortment of sushi such as Aji (Horse Mackerel) and Saba (Mackerel), most of them costing 148 – 400+ Yen each.  Overall, I had an enjoyable meal with my Japanese friends whom I met during my exchange in Korea.

すしざんまい すすきの店
中央区南4条西3-9 北星ビル1F

Sushizanmai Susukino-ten
Hokusei bldg1F 9 Minami4jyounishi 1
Tyuou-ku sapporo-city hokkaidou 047-0027


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