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8th August 2013.
Hari Raya Puasa.
Posted by Xin Li. Photographs by Mu Yao.
Despite my friend’s less than satisfactory experience at Old School Delights, I decided to give it another try partly because Mu Yao and Calvin were drawn to its nostalgic atmosphere.

Upon deeper observation, we realized the theme got lost somewhere when things that seemed “nostalgic” to them doesn’t relate to us like the furniture for example. However we still enjoy playing erasers and snake & ladders while waiting for our food.

The atmosphere however, did little to redeem the disappointing Chendol (4.50 SGD) or the overpriced and rather average Otak Otak (2.50 SGD). The Otak Otak tasted like an average spicy fish cake which lacked the smoky charcoal grill flavour as well. I have tasted better otak otak at a fraction of the price.

For drinks, the Bandung Dinosauress (4.90 SGD) and Teh-Chino (4.50 SGD) didn’t fare well either. Personally, I think the Teh-Cino was too bland.

Nonetheless, the saving grace on the menu (besides the Laksa from the previous visit) was the Butter Pound Cake which was smooth and rich with buttery fragrance. However, priced at 4.50 SGD a slice, it is arguably on the pricey side.

Overall, Old School Delights have more misses than hits. I remember Old School Delights as a café dedicated to serving good old local dishes by papa and mama. However, I think over the years it has got lost in its old school theme and forgetting about the food.

Old School Delights
215 Upper Thomson Rd
Singapore 574408

Closed on Mondays.


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