Narita International Airport | Shinshu Oragasoba

4th July 2013.
Narita International Airport T1, Japan.
Food at the airport normally translates to not-so-good food for a premium price. After wandering about the airport for while, I settled for a seasonal chilled soba noodle at Shinshu Oragasoba located on the 4th Floor of Terminal 1. Shinshu (信州) is an old name of today's Nagano Prefecture in Japan which is known for its buckwheat soba noodles and some of well-known cities in Shinshu are Nagano and Matsumoto.

The 850 Yen Set which came with miso soup and rice along with the chilled soba was rather new to me. The soba was chewy and the condiments which include julienne cucumber, egg plant, cabbage and some minced meat sauce seasoned with a bit of vinegar reminds me of Korean makguksu crossed with zhajiangmian but chilled. It was surprisingly enjoyable and refreshing.

信州 おらがそば
Terminal 1, Central Bldg, 4th Floor


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