Lam's Noodle House | Signature Specialty Noodle

3rd August 2013.
Desperately hungry and tired Yew Ann dragged me away from my peaceful outdoor sketching to Lam’s Noodle House at Marina Square.

Priced at 5.20 SGD, their Signature Specialty Noodle comes with fish ball, sliced meat, vegetables, minced meat, one prawn, an egg and fish skin. The noodle’s texture was decent, springy and doesn’t stick to the teeth and after mixing, it gets coated with an oily but delectable special sauce. The sliced meat was a tad dry and tough but the nicely done egg makes up for it.

Lam's Noodle House / Lam's Abalone Noodles
Located on the same floor as the food court in Marina Square and opposite Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice.
Marina Square  
6 Raffles Boulevard 
Singapore 039594


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