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14th August 2013.
A couple of weeks ago, I visited Marina East where the public golf course is for a site visit. It is kind of amazing that all these lands beyond Tanjong Rhu used to be part of the sea only about 30-40 years ago and Tanjong Rhu used to be like the clan jetties in Penang with various shipyards up till the 1990s. Today, one probably wouldn’t know until you do a search of Tanjong Rhu on PICAS.

Marina Bay Golf Course

I walked from Marina East gardens, dropping by the public golf course then walked to Marina Bay Sands and the Gardens by the Bay via the Marina Barrage.

Marina East
Marina East

Saw some kids on an excursion at Marina Barrage.

Marina Bay

The site visit ended earlier (partly because of the heavy downpour) and it was about lunch time so I decided to drop by an old favourite, Dezato at Boat Quay. The sad thing is the prices here are no longer nett prices and consistency had been an issue during previous visits.

Dezato - Sashimi | Gyuniku | Tendon

Fortunately, my special lunch set of Gyuniku Tendon pretty good, the tempura was just nice. The ebi tempura for example was succulent with a light crispy batter seasoned with tempura sauce. The beef slices were tasty too. The whole lunch set cost about 17.50 after taxes.

20 Lorong Telok
Singapore 049032


  1. oh that shelter works? I always thought that the design of the shelter is way too high when the wind blows, it is practically useless. So surprised to see someone standing there hiding from the rain! =)

    1. haha I didn't try. I don't think its a good rain shelter too especially when the wind was quite strong.


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