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Nestled in the heart of Jalan Riang in the middle of nowhere (nay, actually, Serangoon Gardens), I was first introduced to The Fat Cat by a colleague of mine a year back. I remembered it served unpretentious, good Thai food (although there was a French stall and a Indian Stall here) at fairly reasonable prices. I visited this place again recently for a catch-up with a longtime friend of mine, who wanted good food at reasonable prices (as well as somewhere quiet). 

The unpretentious surroundings here really do belie the quality of food that is served here. After ordering a ginger beer to cool down (it would prove very handy in helping me take the heat out of the spicy Rogan Josh curry later), we ordered the Daily Set Menu. He ordered a Set A ($10.90), which he chose the Butter Chicken and Daal to go with some nice basmati rice (although you could try the Naan, which we should have). I ordered the Set B ($11.90), and picked the Rogan Josh curry and Agoo Gobi (basically potatoes in spices la). 

The butter chicken, was undoubtedly one of the best that I have ever tasted. The creamy savoury sauce was smooth beyond compare, and went well with the tender, moist chicken thoroughly drenched in the sauce. The sweet aftertaste (I don't know why, maybe my tongue was fooling me) went perfectly in proportion with the subtle sharpness of the spices (it was not spicy at all, as butter chicken is meant to be), unearthing a palette of exotic flavours that was just perfect with the chicken. it was inexplicable, as I remembered. 

His daal was not too bad too — although the lentils were on the spicier end of my spectrum, the slightly sour aftertaste provided a appetising respite to the otherwise full-bodied goodness of the butter chicken in his meal. The rice too, was fluffy and not dry, which was great with the rich curry. 

My Rogan Josh curry, on the other hand, wasn't that good but it was by no means bad as well. The mutton was rich and tender, and didn't taste or smell too gamey (good for non-mutton lovers I guess), and accompanied the slightly sweet, sharp and spicy curry sauce very well. It wasn't too oily and the flavours definitely packed a punch, which was pretty memorable. Still, I couldn't help but feel that I was a wee bit disappointed next to my friend's amazing butter chicken. 

The Aboo Gabi (potatoes lah, basically) didn't fare too badly either — rich, savoury and earthy flavours from the spices (tasted a bit of tumeric here) went well with the potatoes, which were not dry and well-cooked. 

All in all, we had a fairly fulfilling meal here at The Fat Cat — guaranteed to leave you satisfied, I left feeling warm, full, and happier in the knowledge that I didn't burn a hole in my pocket. 

15 Jalan Riang

+65 6285 5276

Opening Hours:
Tues - Sun: 
11.30AM-2.30PM (last order);

Closed on Mondays


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