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30th June 2013.
Blu Kouzina is a Greek restaurant located along Bukit Timah Road. Don’t be fooled by its cottage outlook, it is actually a 3-storey restaurant. Nonetheless, despite its size, Blu Kouzina loosely translated as “Blue Cuisine” has a nice casual cosy atmosphere throughout its restaurant. The front was lavishly decorated with fresh flowers, complete with rustic white and blue interiors that provoke images of the beautiful Santorini in Greece.

The first thing that struck me was the service. It is not your uptight fine dining service here. It is part casual part intimate (to the discomfort of Asian first timers to this restaurant). The menu features Greek classics (to non-Greeks) like the tzatziki, mousaka, pita bread and soulvaki. But more importantly, you can also find more traditional Greek dishes like the dolmanes gialatzi (stuffed vine leaves) or imam baildi (whole eggplant filled with tomato sauce).

Blu Kouzina - Bread

Peter and I started off with a trio of Mezedes served with some really good and freshly baked Pita Bread. The three dips are very different from each other. There was the refreshing and light Tzatziki, yogurt mixed with cucumber, extra virgin olive oil and flavoured with garlic.

Blu Kouzina - Pita Bread and Dips

Then there was the Melitzanosalata, a heavier-flavored, smoky dip made with smoked eggplant and mixed with herbs. Lastly, there was the Fava, yellow lentils with fresh onions, oregano and extra virgin olive oil which resembled a bean-version of the mashed potato.

Blu Kouzina - Spanakopita
Blu Kouzina - Spanakopita

For appetizer, we also got the Spanakopita (12.30++ SGD), phylo pastry filled with spinach, feta cheese and herbs which was really delicious. Biting through the thousand layered of phylo pastry followed by a creamy mix of spinach and feta cheese was truly awesome.

Blu Kouzina - Souvlaki me Pita

For mains, I had the Souvlaki me Pita (19.80++ SGD), beef kalamaki wrapped in pita bread, with fresh tomatoes and red paprika and served with chips. This is apparently the Greek way (not sure about the chips) of eating these perfectly grilled pieces of tender beef. This was really tasty as well. The beef was very tender for a start (no hint of sinewy bits).

Blu Kouzina - Souvlaki me Pita

On the other hand, the Kotopoulo Me Patates (22.80++ SGD), Roasted Chicken in the oven with potatoes, lemon, extra virgin olive oil and oregano may smell really good but it was a disappointment in my opinion as the flesh has dried out and it was bland.

Blu Kouzina - Kotopoulo Me Patates

We also got a bottle of wine for dinner. Since it is a Greek restaurant, I we got the Retsina, a Greek White Wine that has been infused with the flavours of the pine resin. While the wine was significantly less acidic that the white wines I had previously, it has a strong herbal, earthy flavour which Peter thought that it resembled medicine. I agreed.

Blu Kouzina - Retsina Gold

I have always wanted to visit Blu Kouzina thanks to the influence of my Serbian tutor who mentioned that she couldn’t find a proper Greek restaurant in Singapore. I think I would come back again for the dips and dessert (we were too full by the end of our main course). The dinner was a treat from Peter from yumyumformytumtum, a pleasant surprise and many thanks to Peter!

Blu Kouzina
Blu Kouzina Pte Ltd
893 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 589615


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