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13th June 2013.
Fathers’ Day is nearing. However, my dad would be terribly busy for the weekend, so our family had an early celebration. Traders Hotel’s Cafebiz was fully booked. After reading about Pan-Pacific Orchard’s 10 at Claymore, we decided to have our dinner there instead.

10 at Claymore - Pacific Plates of Pleasure

To make up for its limited options and size, 10 at Claymore focuses on more premium items such for its buffet line. One such way is a seasonal menu called Plates of Pleasure, an a la carte menu with tasting portions. From 1st June 2013 till 31st July 2013, the Pacific Plates of Pleasure is being offered, starring items like New Zealand Mountain Range Rack of Lamb with peppery Mongolian crème and Sweet Kumara which was delish. Sweet kumara is a kind of sweet potato from New Zealand.

10 at Claymore - Rack of Lamb

Australian Beef Tenderloin with Balsamic-Red Wine Reduction and aromatic Mashed Truffle-Cauliflower.

10 at Claymore - Australian Beef Tenderloin

And Vietnamese River King Prawn with Garlic and Chilli Drizzle came with a perfect mantou to mop up the tasty gravy. We had seconds of this.

10 at Claymore - Vietnamese King Prawn

There is also Penang Char Kway Teow, a speciality of the restaurant but it tasted average.

10 at Claymore - Penang Char Kway Teow

Overall, we enjoyed our dinner. The seafood, including crabs, mussels, scallops and prawns were fresh. Condiments such as Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, Wasabi Mayonnaise are available. There is also an oyster station.

10 at Claymore - Seafood
10 at Claymore - Japanese Selection

Most of the items there were above average. I enjoyed the Tandoori Chicken served with Indian style 

10 at Claymore - Duck and Pork

The Baked Salmon is offered alongside roast meats like lamb and beef.

10 at Claymore - Baked Salmon

The Cheese Counter, I spotted Kapiti Cheeses from New Zealand.

10 at Claymore - Cheese

My dad and brother enjoyed the desserts the most. For desserts, there were Black Forest Cake, Banana Strudel, Almond Pudding, Mango Pudding, Pistachio Financier, Opera Cake, Tiramisu, Green Tea & Red Bean Cake just to name a few...and a live station serving crepes.

10 at Claymore - Puddings and Black Forest Cake
10 at Claymore - Desserts

Coffee and TWG tea were part of the buffet too. Personally, I think its biggest flaw is its tightly packed seating arrangement hence making it less conducive for dining with children compared to Cafebiz.

10 at Claymore - Cappuccino and Macaron

10 at Claymore
Pan-Pacific Orchard
10 Claymore Road, Singapore 229540

The Pacific Plates of Pleasure promotion is available for
Dinner | Mondays to Thursdays S$59++
Dinner | Friday to Sundays S$62++
Brunch | Sundays S$68++

Its half price for children. OCBC and UOB are offering 1 dines free discounts (2+1 for lunch, 3+1 for dinner)


  1. I went there last July 1 and I really enjoyed the ala carte menu. We were also swept away buy the durian crepe that we topped with their lemongrass and ginger ice cream.

    1. I went and tried their lemongrass and ginger ice cream on 31st July. Although I didn't had the durian, the banana crepe with the ice cream was really good!


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