Bar Bar Black Sheep : Naans and Curries

Bar Bar Black Sheep - White Rice

6th March 2013.
Initially, we had wanted to have some Greek food at the Blu Kouzina but it was closed during lunch hours, so he headed to Bar Bar Black Sheep located nearby as we were tempted by the Thai and Indian food offered over there.

Bar Bar Black Sheep - Butter Chicken

I wasn’t aware that Bar Bar Black Sheep is an eatery offering Indian, Thai and American cuisines. I thought there were separately stalls. Nonetheless, my friends enjoyed their orders from the Indian stall at Bar Bar Black Sheep, Butter Chicken with Naans and Sag Curry.

Bar Bar Black Sheep - Sag Curry

I had the Green Curry Chicken from the Thai stall which turned out to be pretty decent too, the curry is rather thick but I thought the kaffir lime and coconut flavours were rather well-balanced and it can’t go wrong with white rice.

Bar Bar Black Sheep -  Green Curry Chicken

Bar Bar Black Sheep
879 Cherry Avenue


  1. Sag Curry? Have never try that before. Looks so unique!

  2. haha strangely my first encounter with Sag Curry was in Korea, definitely unique.


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