Osaka : Fastfood Is Rather Delicious at Nakau なか卯

Nakau なか卯

25th December 2012. Christmas Day.
Osaka, Japan.
Food in Japan maybe expensive, but if you want something cheaper, you could also try Nakau. Like Sukiya or Yoshinoya in Japan, Nakau has a kitchen in the center and seats are positioned around the open kitchen. You make your order on the vending machine and the staff would collect your “ticket” and voilah! Your food will arrive within 10 minutes.

Nakau なか卯

It is cheap and at Nakau the food is not bad. They have Rice with Curry such as this curry rice with chicken karaage (about 390-590 JPY), Udon, Instant Noodles, Donburi, Rice topped with Yakiniku etc and all less than 600 Yen. The other option is to pay the departmental stores a visit near closing time when bentos can go for as cheap as 300 Yen from originally 800 Yen and you have many choices too
Nakau なか卯

Chicken and Egg with Rice (about 390 - 550 JPY)

Nakau なか卯

Pork Cutlet with Rice (about 390 - 650 JPY)

Nakau なか卯

5 Chicken Karaage for 150 JPY.

various locations in Japan.


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