Kanazawa : Shio Ippin Godaime Keisuke (塩逸品 五代目 けいすけ)

塩逸品 五代目 けいすけ 金沢フォーラス店

24th December 2012.
Kanazawa, Japan.
One of the boys was craving for ramen, and they wanted to go shopping at the massive Aeon Mall located next to Kanazawa Station. Hence, we ended up at 塩逸品 五代目 けいすけ Shio Ippin Godaime Keisuke, a ramen stall that serves Shio ramen under the Keisuke chain from Tokyo.

塩逸品 五代目 けいすけ 金沢フォーラス店

Unlike shoyu or miso ramen, shio ramen also known as salt ramen was so named because the soup uses salt as its flavouring together with an array of other ingredients like kombu, water, katsuobushi and meat bones such as pork or chicken and the end result supposed to be a light and easy on the palate.

塩逸品 五代目 けいすけ 金沢フォーラス店

Now the shio ramen at Shio Ippon Godaime Keisuke was neither light nor easy on the palate it was very salty and while is good to see some nice droplets of fat (from the meat) on your soup, I had a thick pool of it that coagulates. The soup was a monotonous and salty chicken-based soup (with lots of oil). The noodles are okay though comparatively less refined than the ones I had earlier.

塩逸品 五代目 けいすけ 金沢フォーラス店

My friend told me its “shio” ramen so it’s supposed to taste salty and ramen are supposed to be full of oil. I
am not an expert but I definitely didn’t enjoy my ramen here.

塩逸品 五代目 けいすけ 金沢フォーラス店

We also ordered some sides such as fried chicken (Korea could do better) and some Chicken-style dishes, but nothing impressive to keep it short.

塩逸品 五代目 けいすけ 金沢フォーラス店

塩逸品 五代目 けいすけ
Shio Ippin Godaime Keisuke
堀川新町3-1 金沢フォーラス 6F


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