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Kitchenette - Bread

19th March 2013.
Filled with the aroma of freshly baked bread and hidden in a corner of the expatriate haven of Novena, Kitchenette is part of a cluster of multi-cultural eateries serving from Indian to American cuisine. The only difference is that Kitchenette has its own dining area.

Kitchenette - Herb Roasted Lamb

This modest little bistrot serves your French classics like Duck Confit (18.00++ SGD), Coq au Vin ( 22.00++ SGD) as well as a selection of other French-inspired (or French written) dishes. I had the Herb Roasted Lamb (26.00++ SGD) with onion, cherry tomato confit & potatoes which is fall-off-the-bone tender and lamb shank. Kitchenette’s lamb shank is pretty good, not only was the meat tender it does not have the strong gamey flavor as well. The only complaint would be certain parts of the lamb came across as dry.

Kitchenette - Pan-Seared Salmon

My friend had the Pan-Seared Salmon which was quite decent too, the meat was still succulent and the skin was crispy. However, it might be a tad oily for some people.

Kitchenette - Cappuccino

Lastly we finished off our meal with a nice cup of cappuccino. The food and drinks here are reasonably priced with the mains within 30 SGD and drinks within 6 SGD. They also offer lunch sets from 22 SGD which include soup of the day, main course and dessert of the day (28 SGD for 3 course).

1 Goldhill Plaza
Singapore, Singapore 308899


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