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Ythu Wendy Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine - Fresh Beef Noodles

24th February 2013.
Everyone is busy nowadays with mid-terms, projects, examinations and family…so I was all alone to celebrate some special occasion today. I normally avoid food courts especially in upscale malls, but halal food is hard to find without spending big bucks at Bali Thai or Fish and Co, so I ended up in Food Opera in Orchard ION and out of curiosity I decided to go Vietnamese and try the Fresh Beef Noodles (6.50 SGD) at Ythu Wendy Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine.

Ythu Wendy Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine - Fresh Beef Noodles

I was expecting some limp noodles with bland beef soup but I was wrong, it was actually quite decent. My noodles came with nice springy rice noodles, a robust soup (could have a stronger beef flavor), thin slices of tender beef and I really enjoyed the addition of herbs like basil and cilantro, it gives every slurp a pleasant herbal touch. I wonder how real pho tasted like but in the meantime, this was good enough for me.

Ythu Wendy Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine
ION Orchard Basement 4 Food Opera
2 Orchard Turn
ION Orchard, Basement 4
Singapore 238801


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