Kyoto : Shopping and Snacks!


20th December 2012.
Kyoto, Japan.
After a life-changing meal at Roan Kikunoi**, we made our way to Teramachi-dori and Shinkyogoku, the shopping place to be in Kyoto. Here two stretch parallel streets were lined with plenty of colourful shops and cafes selling everything from traditional ware to designer clothing.


You couldn’t miss gaming arcades such as this, with two stories worth of “catching” machines.


While my friends went wild in their shopping spree around Teramachi-dori and Shinkyogoku, I was drawn to a tea shop named Lupicia, the TWG and O’Sulloc equivalent tea vendor which sells all sorts of classic and blended teas. They also sell tea-infused honey which I bought one infused with Sakura tea flavours.

Lupicia, Kyoto

If you have been to Hong Kong or Macau, you have probably heard of Lord Stow’s Baker(ies) which are known for their Portuguese Egg Tarts. I was quite surprised to find them in Kyoto (and subsequently in Osaka as well).

Lord Stow Bakery, Kyoto

Fascinated, I decided to try their Kyoto special which is a Matcha Flavoured Portuguese Egg Tart with Japanese Chestnuts and Azuki. It was insanely delicious, the egg tart wasn’t too sweet thanks to the matcha and the addition of sweet azuki along with fragrant, nutty Japanese chestnuts makes this a winning snack.

Nishiki Market

One of my friends was craving for some takoyaki and we were attracted to a crowd just outside one such takoyaki stalls as we ventured into Nishiki Market, “the kitchen of Kyoto”. To purchase one, you make your purchase on the vending machine and watch the chef whip up your orders for you.

Takopachi, Kyoto
Takopachi, Kyoto

My friend ordered an assortment of them including some giant takoyaki. We couldn’t tell which was which but to keep it short: they were very tasty.

Octopus, Kyoto
Octopus, Kyoto

Further down Nishiki Market, we also had some Baby Octopus stuffed with eggs.

To get to Nishiki Market and Teramachi-Dori simply take the subway to Kawaramachi Station or you could take buses no. 5, 205 and 17, from Kyoto Station and alight at Shijo Kawaramachi.


  1. wow matcha portuguese egg tarts? you should try their original sometime too :)

  2. come to think of it... I haven't tried it when I was in Macau or Hong Kong! next time perhaps.

    but the matcha one was seriously good!



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