Seoul : Fish & Chips at the Battered Sole

Battered Sole

15th December 2012.
Seoul, South Korea.
Fish and Chips are quite a rare sight in Korea until I spotted one in Sinchon named the Battered Sole selling fish and chips from 8900 KRW. Apparently it was the “best Fish and Chips” by Daniel Gray of Seoul Eats. The Pollock was good, still succulent and juicy and the tartare sauce was decent but other than that, I found the pea mash to taste funny and way too pureed. The chips were disappointingly soggy while the batter for the fish was slightly burnt.

Battered Sole

Taken into account that there are almost no other eateries serving fish and chips in Seoul, this was acceptable. However in my humble opinion, I had better, way better fish and chips than this. Hence, it wasn’t the best. Food aside, Battered Sole seemed understaffed to handle a huge crowd. There seem to be only one person doing the cooking. Service was decent though.

Battered Sole

Battered Sole
52-53 Changcheon-dong


  1. No wonder my Korean friend likes Long John Silver's battered fish so much. =/

  2. haha the Koreans have a different palate compare to ours.


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