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Arashiyama - Nonomiya

17th December 2012.
Kyoto, Japan.
It was the last day of the Arashiyama Hanatouro when we arrived at Arashiyama. Despite so, it was extremely crowded but less than what I experienced the last time I went for the Hanatouro in 2010.


As we came rather late, we only got to see the night illumination of the bamboo groves. On the other hand we had a great meal at 嵯峨とうふ稲, a restaurant specializing in yudofu cuisine. It is amazing how many different dishes they could come up with tofu and with distinct flavours and textures.

嵯峨とうふ稲 - Menu

I had the Nomiya Gozen 野宮御膳 (1890 Yen) which includes 8 dishes in total. There was chilled yuba (tofu skin) served in a bamboo with a milky soy broth, an appetizing and rather unique dish.

嵯峨とうふ稲 - Yuba

Then there was a seasonal simmered dish with vegetables and a fishcake-like ball. There were also chawanmushi, white miso soup, goma tofu, tsukemono as well as a small hot pot of tofu served with a bowl of rice.

嵯峨とうふ稲 - Yudofu
嵯峨とうふ稲 - Rice <a href=嵯峨とうふ稲
嵯峨とうふ稲 - Warabimochi

I particularly enjoyed the warabimochi which is a kind of traditional Japanese sweet topped with fragrant and nutty roasted sesame powder. The sticky jelly like sweet literally melts in your mouth. The tofu here are apparently made in-house.


嵯峨とうふ 稲
18 Sagatenryuji Tsukurimichicho Ukyo Ward,
Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8384, Japan


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