Gyeongju : Gondalbi Bibimbap at Gyodong Ssambap (교동쌈밥)

교동쌈밥 - Gondalbi Bibimbap

11th November 2012.
Gyeongju, South Korea.
Gyodong Ssambap 교동쌈밥 is a highly rated Korean restaurant on Wingspoon. However, as I was a solo traveller, I wasn’t able to try their signature ssambap menus which require a minimum of two diners. Instead I (rather foolishly) got the Gondalbi Bibimbap. Gondalbi is a wild vegetable also known as cirsium or gondeure with a savoury taste.

교동쌈밥 - Gondalbi Bibimbap

Unlike the usual bibimbap where gochujang was used, anchovy paste was used for this particular bibimbap. Honestly speaking, I felt that the bibimbap here was more savoury as compared to the usual gochujang ones which are sweet and spicy. Overall however, it wasn’t impressive.


They also served salted cod and some pickled vegetables as sides together with bowl of soup. None of which are memorable. Priced at 9000 KRW, it wasn’t a great meal.


Gyodong Ssambap
대릉원(천마총) 근처 황남초교 옆,
Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea


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