Ansan : 액션 치킨가면

액션 치킨가면

26th October 2012.
Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
Fried Chicken can be found in every corner of South Korea, it’s the night snack to eat with some alcohol. My favourite fried chicken stall is 액션 치킨가면 or we simply call it the “Power Ranger Chicken”.

It was so named because the deliveryman would dress up as one to deliver your box of piping hot fried chicken (found this photo from a Korean blog). I am not sure how much you have to order in order to get them to do there though.

액션 치킨가면

Anyway, the fried chicken here is not only crispy, it is not too oily and the meat is tender and very juicy. Lastly, I enjoyed the variety of chicken here, you have the black pepper ones and my favorite is the addictive soy sauce ones. A group serving of fried chicken enough for 4-6 cost about 12-16000 KRW.

액션 치킨가면
Various Locations in Ansan.


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