Suwon : Yeonpu Galbi 연포갈비

연포갈비 - a Feast

22nd September 2012.
Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Galbi is a speciality of Suwon and on our visit to this city south of Seoul, we just had to try this iconic dish of Suwon also known for its Hwaseong Fortress.

연포갈비 - Interior

We had our meal at the Yeonpu Galbi located very near Honghwamun. From its appearance I had a bad feelin that it is a tourist restaurant, not to mention of the sight of ang moh tourists emerging from the log-cabin like exterior of Yeonpu Galbi and the prices ain’t that cheap too.

연포갈비 - Galbitang

However as the banchan and food arrive and filled our tables, it seemed all worthwhile. The Galbitang 갈비탕 also known as Beef Short Rib Soup was amazing. The soup was robust and rich in flavours without being too oily. The beef ribs were tender, not to mention quite a few of them too and there was glass noodles served in them.

연포갈비 - Kimchi

The banchan, side dishes are quite decent too with a variety ranging from the sweet to savoury with the essential kimchi (not one but at least 3 kinds of them) and also lightly cooked vegetables, crabs seasoned with soy sauce (very yummy) and peaches topped with crushed nuts for a sweet ending to the meal.

연포갈비 - Banchan

Did I also mention these banchan are refillable?

연포갈비 - The Grill

But not before having the star dish of the day, the marinated galbi cooked on a hot grill with garlic and the best way to enjoy these is to wrap them up in fresh lettuce with some garlic and hot pepper sauce and savour them. It was simply aphrodisiac in a packet.

연포갈비 - Meat

Or if you prefer something more Japanese style, they could dip the grilled meat in soy sauce with vinegar and onions.

연포갈비 - Galbitang

The total cost for the meal, 4 galbitang and one platter of marinated meat was about 11000 KRW per person. Quite a steal considering the number of banchan. The restaurant however only had a subpar rating of 5.8/10 on Wingspoon but quite high rating on Trip Advisor. Perhaps there are better galbi out there? But for now, this is one of the best meals I had so far in Korea.

Yeonpu Galbi

경기도 수원시 팔달구 북수동 25-4


  1. so many 'Pan Chan'!

    Make me wana to go back to Korea and say 'yo gi yo, pan chan ju sae yo'!

    I love their BBQ food even bbq garlic haha. Just tt after tt its hard to get rid of the smell in the mouth

  2. haha! I like their banchan with their rice especially the omelette, ikan bilies, fruits and seaweed ones. The banchan certainly make ordering a dish more filling than it looks sometimes.

  3. Yes and so much more worthwhile esp when u can get more the pan chan u like. If only SG had such concept in F&B outlets since the start of our times. haha. (Greedy!)

    Have fun in Korea! I am waiting for more posts!



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