Siheung : Snacks at the Pier of Oido 오이도

Over the Skies of Oido

8th September 2012. Written by Xin Li.
Oido, Siheung, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
After a feast of clams at Gaesmael, we decided to explore the stores of Oido abit. On the way we encountered some street snacks.

Melon Ice Cream

For a start, we had this Melon Ice Cream which was delicious and it tasted like real melon (honey dew). Texture was like a creamier version of the potong ice cream.


Known for its clams, the pier was lined with stores selling clams of all sorts.

Street Food

But if you are already sick of clams, you could opt for something more familiar such as this sweet that tasted like dried marshmallow with a peanut-like flavour.

Worms for Snack?

For if you are feeling more adventurous why not have a cup of worms? (I think they are silkworms) My friends who had it said it tasted like beans. Call me conservative, I prefer having real beans instead.


While it is much more modest than Noryangjin, the seafood market is worth visiting too where you could see fishes and flower crabs and grab a plate of sashimi on the spot.

Oido Pier
Green Man, Red Man

Food aside, Oido is quite a pleasant place to wander around and do some people watching. The place seemed pretty popular with the locals, elderly, young and many couples.


I will just let the photos do the talking (:


Plenty of seagulls.

The Other Side
Guest of Honour

This part is out of bounds.

Shore of Oido

This is how the shore looks like, muddy, greyish and damp. But the kids and adults seem to enjoying taking a stroll on this open plain or dig around for some clams.

Kampong Style
Coast is Clear

Oido is popular with couples too.


While others prefer sitting by the shore on the concrete pier and let time slow down a bit.

No Matter Where

From the young to the elderly, it was as if the locals grew up with this place.

Hold me Close
Cherished Moment

Pretty awesome place to just look up and enjoy the dramatic skies on a good weather.

Drama Skies

If you are curious, the shore is lined with a number of fortune tellers.

Fortune Tellers, Oido

You can get to Oido by a bus 21 from Oido Station. The ride should be less than an hour.


Compared to metropolitan Seoul, Oido has a kind of quaint atmosphere.

Long Way to Go.


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