Saveur Doodle

30th July 2012. Written by Xin Li.
It seems like Black Sheep Café has a worthy competitor down at Purvis Street. Savuer has garnered quite a fair amount of attention in the past few months as like the Black Sheep Café before offered French classic dishes including the Confit de Canard at really affordable prices 9.90++ SGD compared to Black Sheep Café’s 21.00 SGD when it started and 24.50 SGD now.

And when my friend wanted a place less than 10 SGD for lunch, we ended up at Saveur. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me that day so I would have to make do with drawing. The Angel Hair Pasta with Sherry Minced Pork and Sakura Ebi (3.90++ SGD), nicely plated angel hair pasta topped with a handful of petite sakura shrimps (also known as cherry shrimps) was very savoury and has an Asian flavour to it. While it’s a dish rich in unami flavour, I am not a fan of angel hair pasta, I prefer more bite for my pasta.

Saveur Doodle 2

The Confit of Duck with Orange Segment and Sautéed Shitake(9.90++ SGD) is signature of Saveur’s. It was very tender and tastewise, not too bad. In comparison to Black Sheep Café’s (double the price) Duck Confit, the Duck Confit here wasn’t as refined and flavourful. However, it is a really decent Duck Confit, comparable to the one I had in Paris. It wasn’t too salty and it was quite juicy (as certain parts seemed to be a little dry).

My friend also had the Beef Bourguignon with Root Vegetables and Mixed Greens (12.30++ SGD). I was kind of surprised by its appearance, I was expecting a stew. Now this was really good, the beef was very juicy, tender without the sinewy bits.

Overall, it was good dining experience and our glasses never ran out of water at any point of time, the busy waiters and waitresses will top it up without fail. Thumbs up for that!

Saveur has been reviewed by Glenn on Hungry Epicurean as well.

5 Purvis Street,
#01-04, Singapore
Tel: +65 6333 3121


  1. loving your illustrations as usual! i wish i was good enough at art to draw pictures of my food when i don't have my camera with me.

  2. thanks! haha next time bring a friend with a camera or sketchbook along.

  3. i wanted to go there soooo many times but it's always crowded during dinnertime :x ah well, we'll get round to that when i'm back woohooo!

  4. to Liangwei: haha next time don't go at dinner time then, you also found a place for your next class gathering liao.



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