Back at Oriole for an Affogato.

Oriole Cafe and Bar - Affogato

22nd July 2012. Written by Xin Li.
It has been a long long time since I went back Oriole to enjoy my favourite dessert, the Honey Crumble Affogato (vanilla ice-cream, espresso, honeycomb crunch – 7.50++ SGD). It was as good as I remembered quality vanilla ice cream with a shot of fragrant espresso. It was quite an indulgent treat actually.

Oriole Cafe and Bar

Oriole Coffee sourced their coffee from places like El Salvador’s Finca La Fany (a plantation), Bolivia’s Nor-Yungas, Brazil’s Mina Gerais and Ethiopia’s Sidamo Valley. You can also enjoy their coffee at establishments like Marmalade Pantry or simply buy one of their coffee blends home, ranging from 16 - 18 SGD per pack.

Cafe Mocha & Vanilla Latte

My friends always asked why Oriole Coffee was named as such? Hence, I decided to asked Oriole why? Here’s their reply (a quick one too!):

Oriole is the name of an indigenous bird. Sometimes referred to as the Yellow Naped Oriole. We chose a bird because birds love to flock together at watering holes. While feeding and drinking, they love to just sit around and talk. At Oriole we care about hosting amazing experiences to bring people closer together. We do it through good food & drink, a warm an convivial environment, and that personal touch. So that you can be closer to the friends you're with. So that you can be happy when you are with us! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to explain this to you.

From the team at Oriole....

Oriole Cafe and Bar
96 Somerset Road
#01-01 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites


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