Tze-Char at TG 399 Eating House

20th May 2012. Written by Xin Li
Not keen to have dinner at Bugis Junction, we found ourselves in Ang Mo Kio having a tze-char dinner at the TG 399 Eating House. We ordered the usual classics such as Sweet and Sour Pork, Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce and our favourite Cereal Prawns.

TG 339 Eating House - Pork Chops

The Sweet and Sour Pork (10.00 SGD, Medium) was very tender and it was rather sweet rather than having a nice balance of both sweet and sour flavours.

TG 339 Eating House - Kai Lan

We also had the Hong Kong Kai Lan for 10.00 SGD – Medium. Instead of the small kai lan, the waitress recommended that we take the kalian with long stalks instead and it was a great, partly because I myself always enjoy having kalian with oyster sauce with my rice. The vegetables itself was crunchy but not tough and oyster sauce was flavourful and fragrant. At certain restaurants, the oyster sauce can be either too fluid or diluted.

TG 339 Eating House
The Sambal Sweet Potato Leaf (10.00 SGD for Medium) was spicy and has a sourish aftertaste.

TG 339 Eating House - Omelette

The Shrimp Omelette (8.00 SGD for Medium) was a disappointment and perhaps the only disappointment in this meal, the shrimp and omelette was overcooked, it was dry and the savours were separated to the different components that made up this dish, besides eating the shrimps in this omelette there was nothing else that has that shrimp flavour.

TG 339 Eating House - Cereal Prawns

The star of the meal goes to the Cereal Prawns (20.00 SGD – Medium). The meat itself was infused with buttery flavours and a hint of curry from the curry leaves and the cereals were not very oily and give the prawn a tasty crunch. The cereals too, have been infused with a mild curry flavour and were quite spicy from the chilli paid added into the mixture.

TG 399 Eating House
Ang Mo Kio Street 32
Singapore, 560339


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