Two Chefs Eating Place 雙廚菜館

Two Chefs Eating Place

10th March 2012. Written by Xin Li.
Located in the midst of HDB estate in Commonwealth, the Two Chefs Eating Place remained crowded even late at night, a testimony of its widespread popularity.

Two Chefs Eating Place - Butter Pork Chops

Recommended by my Brother-in-Law, we tried their Butter Pork Chops. Instead of the usual pork chops covered with reddish-brown glaze, the pork chops at the Two Chefs Eating Place was served with a yellowish-powder sprinkled over it in generous amounts. The power has a flavour similar to milk powder went pretty well with the tender slices of pork chops.

Two Chefs Eating Place - Herbal Chicken

The tze char restaurant is also known for its Herbal Chicken Soup. I personally felt that it was rather ordinary. I was expecting a strong herbal flavour but these came across as rather mild. The chicken meat was decently tender but the flavour wise, it was rather bland. However, this is still quite a decent soup, just not spectacular.

Two Chefs Eating Place - Kang Kong

Along with our meat, we also had some nicely stir-fried greens.Overall, the tze-char here is rather good, the Butter Pork Chops was particularly memorable, not only it was unique but it was very tasty! ieatishootipost also has a post on this tze-char restaurant.

Two Chefs Eating Place - Sweet and Sour Fish

Two Chefs Eating Place
Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent, #01-129
Singapore 140116

11.30am - 2.30pm
5pm - 11.30pm
Monday (Lunch) closed


  1. I have been wanting to check this place out. But I live so far away from here! ah!



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