MOO Bar & Grill : Tartar or British Malt Vinegar?

Moo Bar & Grill - Interior

5th May 2012, Written by Xin Li
Wanted to go Dezato but found out it was closed (didn’t realized it was public holiday!), so we went to M00 Bar and Grill as Yew Ann and I hadn’t tried it before.

Moo Bar & Grill - Outside

MOO Bar and Grill has a rather nice ambience, its spacious and clean but my biggest complaint is the loud music (in the afternoon).

Moo Bar & Grill - Fish and Chips

They have an affordable lunch set menu which consists of a drink, starter and main course. Both of us had the Fremantle Fish and Chips (16.00++ SGD)Crispy Fresh Dory Steak Frites, Green Pea Mash, Coleslaw, Tartar or British Malt Vinegar.

The Soup of the Day was Cream of Cauliflower, a rather mild cream soup. The chicken stock is overwhelmed the cauliflower though.

Moo Bar & Grill - Starters

The Salad was a Garden Green Salad with Walnuts. Quite okay, the greens were fresh and crunchy and the walnuts add a nutty crunch to it.

Moo Bar & Grill - Salad

Our main course, the Fremantle Fish and Chips was rather decent. The batter was crispy.

Moo Bar & Grill - Fremantle Fish and Chips

Yew Ann seemed to enjoy it but I find the crust kind of tough. However, the dory was still moist rather than over fried. They serve the fish and chips with either Tartar sauce or British Malt Vinegar which supposedly what the British eat their Fish and Chips with. The malt vinegar adds a more savoury finish compared to the creamy, sweet and sour tartar sauce.

Moo Bar & Grill - Fremantle Fish and Chips

I kind of enjoyed the Pea Mash and the Coleslaw was pretty good.

Moo Bar & Grill - Muthu

Apart from the music, this is actually a nice place for lunch at mid-range prices.

Price for a Set Lunch with friend : 16.00 ++ SGD

Moo Bar and Grill
21 McCallum Street
#01-03 to 06 The Clift
Singapore 069047
Tel: +65 6634 2662


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