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Seoul Garden Hot Pot - Menu

20th March 2012. Written by Xin Li.
Seoul Garden makes me remember of bad dining memories. It is the kind of place where we go on a binge with secondary school friends or JC classmates and I haven’t returned to Seoul Garden ever since until a friend of mine persuaded me to try their new Hot Pot items.

Since I was looking for dinner and Seoul Garden was nearby I decided to give it one more chance. The hot pot items were new in the menu of Seoul Garden, known for its BBQ buffet. There are at least 7 options to choose for the hot pot and I opted for the Seafood Hotpot (11.90++ SGD).

Seoul Garden Hot Pot - Seafood Hot Pot

For its price, I had at least 3 plump looking mussels, a generous amount of clams, some prawns, glass noodles and vegetables. For the stock, you have the option of either the kim chi or the miso stock. I went with the miso stock and to be honest, the food wasn’t bad but neither was it impressive either.

Seoul Garden Hot Pot - Seafood Hot Pot

Nonetheless, if you want looking for a filling meal with soup and rice, this is one option you could go for and the hot pot does give the meal a kind of warmth you would seek during cold, depressing, rainy days.

Pricewise, with the taxes added in the hot pot cost more than 13 bucks which I find it slightly expensive but objectively, this is still a mid-range pricing equivalent to Swensens or Manhattan Fish Market for a meal. For an additional 3 bucks, you also get a bowl of White Fungus Soup and a starter dish (ie. Pickled Kimchi, Cold Dubu, Marinated Cold Clams…)

Seafood Hot Pot with Rice: 11.90++ SGD

Seoul Garden Hot Pot
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