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QR 962 - Boarding Pass

Qatar Airways, 19th July 2011.
Venice to Doha

The long flight back home. After spending less than a month in Europe (a dreadful mistake), we made our way to Macro Polo International Airport to board our flight back to Singapore via Doha.

QR 962 - Marco Polo International Airport
QR 962 - Marco Polo International Airport
QR 962 - Marco Polo International Airport

The airport is rather messy and with luggages you are forced to take one of the few lifts provided because the security will stop you from taking the escalators.

QR 962 - Boarding Time!
QR 962 – Pre-Flight

The A320-200 plane has only one aisle and two rows of seats, with a small number of business class seats at the front. There are was a fair amount of Asians on this flight. I think there was a Chinese tour group on board. The cabin crew included quite a few Asians too. 

QR 962 - Aisle
QR 962 – Glance
QR 962 - Oryx

Our plane was equipped with the new Oryx Entertainment System. Unlike the previous flights, there were remote controllers to navigate around the screen. I like the animation they use for their safety videos, it was adorable and lively. Like the other Middle-Eastern airlines, the safety videos tend to be longer as it was being played in at least two languages, sometimes 3 (on an Emirates flight) including Arabic and English.

QR 962 - Venetian Outskirts

Moments after boarding, our plane took off and the Venetian countryside came into view.

QR 962 - Venetian Outskirts

The plane approaches Jesolo, a famous seaside resort town.just east of Venice.

QR 962 - Paluda, Jesolo
QR 962 - Jesolo

Nuts (made in Singapore) and drinks were given out moments after departure. Before departure, they also gave out sweets.

QR 962 - Snack, Drink and Magazine

The flight back from Venice was one of the more memorable ones because the queue for the lavatory was unbelievable. Right after the meal service, there was a long queue forming along the aisle. The narrow plane makes it difficult for the cabin crew to move around too as the long queue took up the only aisle in the plane.

QR962 - Out of the Window

We flew past several countries on the Balkans including Macedonia.
As our plane approaches Turkey, lunch service started.

QR 962 - Drinks!

I chose the Fish Fillet with Caper Cream Sauce served with vegetable brunoise mash potato and sautéed spinach. It was a little on the bland side, a sprinkle of black pepper seemed to resolved this though. I somewhat like the tender texture of the fish, and how the cream sauce wasn't too heavy as I thought.

QR 962 - Fillet of Fish with Cream Caper Sauce
QR 962 - Insalata Caprese
QR 962 - Dessert and Snacks

They also offered a mini caprese salad as appetizer, complete with basil leaves, tomatoes and olive oil dressing. The cabin crew were quite friendly and they tried their best to get their job done despite the cramped conditions.

QR 962 - Taurus Mountains, Turkey

Meanwhile, the plane is flying across Turkey towards Iraq, I got to see the Taurus Mountains of Turkey and the Beysehir Golu, a lake near the city of Konya.

QR 962 - Kadılar, Turkey
QR 962 - Taurus Mountains, Turkey
QR962 - Taurus Mountains, Bademli

The flight from Venice to Doha took approximately 5 hours, crossing the day/night boundary over the Middle East.

QR962 – Wing

Our plane arrived at Doha near midnight.

QR 962 - Doha International Airport


  1. Great view from the plane. Especially the city in the night!



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